JC Communications


We provide a full line work package that includes, Make ready (moving existing lines on the poles) Pole transfers (moving existing lines from an old pole to a new pole) Strand and anchor installation and the installation of any type of cable be it lashed or self-support. We are experienced in all types of cable installations, copper both lashed and self-support, fiber optics both lashed and ADSS (All Dielectric Self Support) and some coax where needed. Currently consist of 5 Telsta T40c bucket trucks, 2 Altec a40p bucket trucks, 2 ETI 42ft bucket trucks and 2 1 ton flatbed line trucks. We are very familiar with working in town, understanding permits and the need for traffic control and rural areas, working with property owners and understanding easements and right of ways. Currently have ongoing contracts with large companies, such as Google Fiber, and also work with smaller market customers, such as ISD’s.


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Safety training

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