The Owners and Their Story

John and Heather Chamberlain

JC Communications is locally owned and operated by John and Heather Chamberlain. John and Heather were high school sweethearts and graduated from Leander High School in 1991. After graduation John joined the United States Army. John and Heather were married when he returned from the service in1994. John and Heather started JC Communications from their home in Leander Texas on August 21, 2001. Then on April 22, 2002 John and Heather incorporated under the name JPC Construction since JC Communications Inc was taken.


  • Heather Chamberlain
    Heather Chamberlain
  • John Chamberlain
    John Chamberlain
    Vice President
  • Kristi Mosby
    Kristi Mosby
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mike Ragain
    Mike Ragain
    Vice President of Sales
  • Doug Wilson
    Doug Wilson
    Safety and Business Development Manager
  • Carl Simpson
    Carl Simpson
    Senior Estimator
  • Nathan Gibson
    Nathan Gibson
    Underground Construction Division Manager
  • Jeff Kirk
    Jeff Kirk
    Aerial Construction Division and Fiber Splicing Manager